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100 mm Chase Halo kit

There isn’t another set of LED halos brighter, cleaner or more dynamic than the Lite The Nite LEDs chase halos. Captivate onlookers and the most refined LED enthusiast as your halos change to over 200 different patterns. But that’s not all shocked and amazed everyone as your halos respond to your voice and move to the beat of the music while changing patterns.


Kit Includes

(4) 100 mm chase halos 

(1) Bluetooth controller 

(1) 1-8 splitter box 

(3) 1 foot extension cords 

(2) 3 foot extension cords 

(1) Y connector 


*Power Pack (24B) is required if our chase  system is not already installed on your vehicle.

(10O). 100mm Chase Halo Kit

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