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(18C) Large Car and Truck Underbody Kit

Give me your vehicle a high performance look with LED lights from Lite The Nite LEDs. Amaze the crowds and mesmerize spectators as your lights show an explosion of single colors, roll through over 200 preset sequences, and stays in rhythm while chasing to the music. This extremely bright and crystal clear Dynamic Effects kit, does everything imaginable. The Dynamic Effects kit is very easy to expand into other areas such as your grill, wheels and interior when you are ready to expand.    


Kit Includes:


(1) 8 to 1 Splitter boxes        

(1) Bluetooth controllers

(1) Toggle/w 40 inch ground connectors        

(2) 4ft Chase strips with 8ft cords (Front Underbody)    

(2) 4ft Chase strips with 11ft cords (Rear Underbody)        

(1) 6ft Chase strip with 7ft cord (Passenger side Underbody)

(1) 6ft Chase strip with 5ft cord (Driver side Underbody)

(2) 3ft Extensions        

(2) 5ft Extensions

(18C) Large Car and Truck Underbody Kit

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