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(1B2) Sling Shot Rear name plates

The creative team at Lite The Nite designed a new slingshot rear name plates to continue revolutionizing light accessories. This design is flawless and sleek, and coupled with our hexagonal middle symbol, will fully enhance the custom appearance of your slingshot. These rear name plates are custom designed and cut to fit the rear section of your slingshot. You can connect this accessory to your current Lite the Nite system and this system will automatically sync to change to any color you select or design. Choose over 210 different chase modes and change the lights with the beat of your own music! See the crowds react as your slingshot logo chases the lights while you are cruising the streets.


Kit includes:


1) “Sling” name plate

1) “Shot” name plate

1) Hexagonal shape plate

(1B2) Sling Shot Rear name plates

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