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(1E1) Blackout Chase 2022 “R” 8 Strip Hood Kit

The team at Lite The Nite LEDs has designed a light strip configuration second to none.  Our new eight strip hood vent kit is configured for the 2022 type R slingshot hood. This kit will instantly give your slingshot a sleek high-end euro sporty look when cruising your highways. 

These well-constructed tinted light strips are less noticeable during the day with outstanding vibrant glow at night. Grab 100% of the attention at bike night with these multi-functioning tinted upscale LED light strips. Hold everyone's attention while your hood transforms using full auto mode with over 200 different patterns, and watch the light strips disappear when you turn your lights off.


Kit includes:


(2) 5Ft Strips with 6Ft Cords

(2) 3Ft Strips with 8Ft Cords

(2) 5Ft Strips with 5Ft Cords

(1) 6Ft Strip with 6Ft Cord

(1) 6Ft Strip with 6Ft Cord

(4) 2Ft Extension Cords

(1) 8 to 1 Splitter 

(1) Bluetooth receiver 

(1E1) Blackout Chase 2022 “R” 8 Strip Hood Kit

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