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(For most small to midsize cars)


Nothing tickles a person’s fancy better than seeing an exotic car with LED lights from Lite The Nite. Amaze the crowds and mesmerize spectators as your lights show an explosion of single colors, roll through over 200 preset sequences, and stay in rhythm while chasing to the music.    


Kit Includes:        


(1) Power Pack Kit- Everything you need to power your dynamic light Kit.                     

(2) 8 to 1 Splitter boxes        

(2) Bluetooth controllers        

(6) 2ft Chase strips with 4ft cords    

(3) 4 ft strips with 4ft cords        

(1) 4ft strip with 8ft cord        

(4) 2 into 1 Y connectors        

(4) 5ft Extensions        

(4) 3ft Extensions

(18A) Exotic Chase Car Package

  • You may need to purchase a Lite The Nite LED Chase Power Pack if power and switch have not been previously installed.

    Chase Power Pack – power pack includes on/off switch from the battery power and ground harness and two distribution blocks. 


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