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Big Boss Single Color (wheel ring)

One can imagine the look the custom designers at Zarate gave us when we inquired about a seven-strip wheel ring. Taking our award-winning single color strips and partnering them with The Boss is truly a bold concept. Each wheel ring holds up to seven strips. Purchase additional strips on this site.


Kit includes

(1) Set of Big Boss Wheel Rings (3 rings total) 

(15) 4 ft Lite The Nite LED light strips with 4 ft shielded cords 

(1) Power Pack – power pack includes on/off switch, power and ground wiring harness, and in-line fuse included on the power line.   It also includes a 30 amp fuse and one additional  25 amp fuse. 



(8D). Big Boss Single Color (Wheel Ring)

  • *Note depending on your wire run, you may need to merge and extend your cords with 18 gauge cords to your on/off switch. You may need to purchase the Lite The Nite LED Power Pack if power and switch have not been previously installed.


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