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Competition Interior Kit

This is a winner take all interior kit designed for competitions.  It comes complete with everything listed in the Glow interior kit with the addition of halo lights for both cup holders and stick shift.


(2) 4 foot 50-50 LED strips with 4 foot cords on each end. (Simply cut strips in half to light both sides).

(2) 12 bulb premium directional LED strips 

(2) 2 foot 50-50 LED strips with 4 foot cords

(2) Power Leads for directional LED strips

(3) 100mm Halos 




(5C). Competition Interior Kit

Side wall Color
Foot Rest Color
Inseam Color
Cup Holder Color
Shifter Color
  • *Note: Depending on your wire run, you may need to merge and extend your cords with 18 gauge cords to your on and off switch. You may need to purchase The Lite The Nite LED Power Pack if power and switch have not been previously installed.

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