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Dual color halos, are designed to match the different paint combinations used todays slingshots. The different color combinations are: blue/white, red/white, red/orange, green/white, orange/white, purple/white, pink/white, blue/orange, red/green, blue/green, blue/amber and amber/white. These halos become more dynamic when connected to our three zone Slingshot remote, they alternate between the two colors, flash, strobe and shimmer when wired in the correct sequence


Kit includes:

(4) 100mm Halo rings with 3ft cord

(10H). Dual Color 100mm Halo Kit

  • *Note depending on your wire run you may need to merge and extend your cords with 18gauge cords to your on/off switch. You may need to purchase The Lite The Nite LED Single color Power Pack if power and switch have not been previously installed. 


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