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The Glow SS kit is the third stage in a series of three single color packages (Alamo SS Package and The Glow Plus SS Kit). Each package is designed to cover the different stages in custom lighting your Slingshot.  The glow SS kit is the most extreme kit out of the three packages. Jumping straight to this package will immediately make your Slingshot show ready.


Wheel Ring Kit

Three Wheel Rings with Two Light Strips for a total of Six 4ft 50/50 Strips

Under Body Kit

Three 4ft 50/50 Strips for under body

Halo Kit

Four 80mm Halos

Interior Kit

One 4ft 50/50 Strip (cut in half to light both sides)

Two 9 Bulb Directional LED Strips with Two 39 Inch Leadout Cords

Eyebrow Kit

Three 50/50 Strips with 4ft Cords for Eyebrows

Roll Bar Kit

One 50/50 Strip cut in half for Roll Bars

1 Power Pack (consisting of)

One 1ft 14 Gage Wire with Fuse Holder

One 30 Amp and one 25 Amp Fuse

2 Toggle Switch

1 single Fuse Holder

1 Ground Wire

(41). Glow Plus SS Kit

  • *Note: Depending on your wire run, you may need to merge and extend your cords with 18 gauge cords to your on/off switch. You may need to purchase The Lite The Nite LED Power Pack if the power and switch have not been previously installed.

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